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ComCord Hero
It’s basically a stand up bot helping you sync text to replace stand up meetings

but we might have taken it too far

What we do?

Features got ourselves obsessed with



Free for all until we make a decision. Surely when we have a pricing plan you’d be able to scale as your grow 💪🏻


Empower deep work

Instead of asking your team to fill out a form at 8am daily, how about ASKING AT RANDOM TIME in a week and your member can answer in their own time?



Built on world’s most advance MySQL database. We don’t store your converstation -- it’s all on your discord with you. Safe fam.

Timezone aware

Got a remote team spread across different time zones? Our bot swoops in to bridge the gap, keeping everyone in sync and on schedule.


We pull memes

Try ’/meme’ command! We have a meme generator that will make your team laugh out loud. You can also upload your own memes and share them with your team.


`Apps -> Look Inside`

Make sure you are ready to turn every conversation in your server into a joke and get broadcasted on Twitter. We are are serious.

Frequently asked questions

How to use the bot?

You can start with set up a [project], time and questions to ask after inviting participants. For the first run we recommend you to set up the question to be sent out 5 mins after your project being created. And then come back to set it up with actual time you'd like your participants to receive the question.

What's a project?

A discord server can have multiple projects, but a channel can only has one project. A project is a set of scheduled questions that will be sent out to participants, team members or even people lives within the server.

Why /meme not working?

Ooops, although you are free to use it during free trial, this command has a cool down period of 1 minute. After free trial you will have to talk to us to activate the bot again. We found it way too addictive even for us. Yeah...we don't want to get rate limited before we can even get started.

Why /meme not return an embed?

If you type in an invalid subreddit name...mostly likely it won't return anything. For the best memes we recommend 'shitposting', 'MemesForDegenerates', 'dankmemes'. Case sensitive.

Why can't I set up more questions?

We...don't want your team to burn out. We created ComCord specifically for deep work and teams need fast iteration, spend less time typing and more time in actual work. 6 is the limit...for now. 🙃

How can I request more features? to us here.

How can I report a bug?


Why can't I invite more people?

Are you sure you are running a sprint? jk jk.
We don't allow more than 10 participants atm. If you would like to increase the limit 🫣 talk to us in our Discord Server.